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If you believe in socially conscious projects and want to be a part of our series, this is your chance to join our team.  

If you choose to become a producer you would be admitted as a member of our private peer group and gain access to read the series scripts.  Other possible benefits include becoming a background extra role in an episode; be able to view actor auditions; view early cuts of each episode; receive signed copies of posters; and much, much more. 









Even if you can’t afford to join us financially, you can still help by sharing our project.  Following are posts that you can copy and paste to your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or even email.  We really appreciate you believing in our project enough to do this!

Teaser Trailer link: (6) Civil Disobedience Series Teaser - YouTube


#CivilDisobedienceSeries is a collection of short films meant to engage minds and provoke conversation. Learn more or contribute to our project at: Join Us ( We thank you for joining and sharing. #sociallyconscious

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#CivilDisobedienceSeries is a collection of short films meant to engage minds and provoke conversation. Each film centers around an act of challenging the status quo, encouraging reflection and reevaluations of the roles we play in an often oppressive and unjust society. To learn more or contribute to our cause, please visit: Join Us ( Thank you for contributing whatever your heart desires or simply sharing our campaign with friends & family.  #sociallyconscious

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Huge thanks from all of us!
Linda, Deon & Andrew


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